What We Do

The Petra family of companies provides a broad range of services in real estate investing, management consulting and coaching.

Petra Investment Properties, LLC buys, leases, rehabs, and/or sells residential properties. We utilize many strategies to ensure a win-win with sellers, buyers, and other investors. Give us a call if

  • you owe more than your home is worth, have little or no equity and wish to sell, (See also UnderwaterHelp.org/jstraks for more information.)
  • have lots of equity and are still facing foreclosure and losing it all,
  • want to buy an investment property,
  • want to buy at an auction and are not sure how,
  • are looking for an experienced real estate investment partner, or
  • you have some other real estate problem that a buyer could help. 

(See petrainv.com to learn more.)

Dorel Capital, LLC connects investors with capital to real estate investors needing capital to buy and/or rehab residential real estate or commercial real estate. We specialize in helping investors with deals of all kinds and sizes.

If you are ready to borrow (or lend) right now, go directly to  PrivateMoneyExchange.com/jstraks.

(See DorelCapital.com for more information.)

Petra Consulting and Coaching, Inc. offers a broad range of services to complement your staff’s skills, enabling you and them to achieve new levels of success in the face of ever-increasing market competition. We specialize in helping organizations of all kinds and sizes create a culture of sustainable leadership development so they can

  • reduce turnover,
  • handle conflict better,
  • plan and manage time better,
  • align activities with strategic vision,
  • get better business decisions out of their staff,
  • keep their best and brightest leaders, and
  • be more nimble in responding to today’s dynamic, fast-paced environment.

Whether you need help translating your strategies into aligned decisions at all levels, creating a nimble organization, enhancing team effectiveness, managing change, managing conflict, making better utilization of time and resources by picking better projects, or enhancing the skills and careers of your high-potential management or technical professionals, we can help.

We can show you how to have the kind of sustainable leadership that is also capable of dealing with intentional large challenges, whether the challenge is integrating two organizations after a merger or acquisition, re-energizing a product program that appears to be stalling, resolving organizational conflict, or re-inventing a company whose core product is being eclipsed by those of the competition.

Similarly, in today’s world, professionals who cannot change and grow fast enough get left behind. Coaching is all about helping people do better whatever they do–and teaching them how to keep improving and growing. It is the same reason professional golfers and Olympic skaters hire coaches. They already know how to golf and skate. What they need is the external feedback and support of a professional trained eye and accountability partner. That “trained eye and accountability partner” is also the value a certified coach brings to business coaching.

We would be happy to explore with you ways we could help withyour current challenges. The following are but three of the ways we might help you.