2-Minute Networking

Entrepreneurs need to network. We cannot do everything ourselves. Whether we are in need of partners, collaborators, mentors, clients, vendors, or anything else, the more people we know and who know us–as in “know what we do”–the easier it becomes to be successful. Listen to this teleseminar on networking and see if you can find one new thing to implement tomorrow to improve your business.

“Make More Money Just by Meeting People”

Recorded live

A 60-minute teleseminar interview with Rhonda L. Sher, creator of The 2-Minute Networker concept, author, keynote speaker and workshop leader. Take the “work” out of networking! Let expert Rhonda L. Sher teach you the secrets she has taught to thousands of professionals.

I KNEW I’d Need It If I Threw It Away!

Have you ever said that? I cannot tell you the number of times I found a need for an item I discarded…shortly after I tossed it. Why is that?

The human brain is very good at filtering. Millions of bits of information come flowing to your six senses every second. Our brains filter out the vast majority of them. Only a fraction of even that small fraction actually comes to our conscious attention. Our subconscious mind is constantly guiding that filtering to meet whatever problem we are working on, whatever issue we are trying to solve, whatever thing we are currently interested in, and whatever matters most to us.

The reason I found a need for those items is that after seeing them, thinking about them and deciding to discard them, my mind now remembered them. My subconscious mind never brought them to mind as a possible solution before, because they had been forgotten. They were not available among the recent memories.

So what? Your marketing is among those millions of bits of information hitting your target clients. Will you be filtered out or brought to mind?

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had coaching or consulting clients say they had a good friend or neighbor go to someone else with their business or referral, only to apologize to them later because they did not think of them first.

What could they have done differently? Well, one little strategy you need to know about guiding their subconscious mind to NOT filter you out, is that something seen frequently is deemed important…and therefore remembered or brought to the conscious mind when it is needed. Be CONSISTENTLY AND REGULARLY VISIBLE to your clients if you want to be remembered when it matters!

That means calling, mailing, emailing, giving gifts that keep on giving and reminding them of you, and lots of other things I am sure your creative mind can dream up. Why do you think you get those flyers, postcards, calendars with advertising on them? Refrigerator magnets with advertising on them? Pens or notepads with advertising on them? Someone else knows this trick!

What do you have to change to keep yourself more at “front of mind” with your clients? Find one thing you can do today to make you more memorable tomorrow in the minds of your clients. Then go do it!

Over-Promise–or NO Promise–and Under-Deliver?

While the conventional wisdom is to UNDER-promise and OVER-deliver, it seems quite a few real estate agents and entrepreneurs of all kinds do not have the personality to be good at follow-through and following up. They tend to OVER-promise and UNDER-deliver…and then wonder why they are not swamped with repeat business and referral business. They have to struggle continually to find NEW business. They can be very good at what they do, very creative, very motivated, very committed, hard-working, and all that. They just have trouble delivering on what they have led their clients to expect. Some make no attempt to help the client set those expectations. As a result, they may not even know what the client expects.,,which pretty much guarantees they will fail to deliver.

Why does that matter? The easiest sale is to someone who is a past client, someone who has already demonstrated they like and trust you. The next easiest sale is to someone referred to you by someone who likes and trusts you. The hardest sale involves finding someone you can convince to like and trust you. To create a sustainable business, you need more than half your business coming from referrals and repeat clients. Otherwise, you will be spending so much time finding new clients that you will not have enough time to make as much money as you would like with the ones you find.

Exceeding expectations is one of the most effective ways to ensure repeat business and referrals. Investing the time to carefully think through your strategy for ENSURING you do effective follow-through and follow-up is a good way to make the most of every new client you find, both now and in the future. Create an efficient and effective system to make it happen (including perhaps hiring someone who is good at it),

Always learn what your clients expect of you. Be intentional about warning clients in advance about potential pitfalls, what is normal (both good and not so good), and what they can expect from you. Do whatever you can to accept their expectations as your standard of behavior with them, but do not hesitate to adjust their unrealistic expectations. Take good notes, review them regularly as you work with that client, and do everything you can to meed and EXCEED the expectations you affirmed (“follow through”).

Then stay in touch (“follow up”), so they don’t forget about you. Monthly newsletter? Quarterly visit? Annual gift? Whatever works for you in your business is what you need to do to keep your name alive and fresh. (More on that next time.)

Where do you rate when it comes to following through and following up? What can you do TODAY to do both better tomorrow? Take the time to think about what you do well in that regard and what you can improve. Then pick one thing that will make a solid, positive impact…and DO IT!

Selling Winter Coats to Sunbathers

I have regularly heard real estate investors complain that the strategy they have been using doesn’t work. They are not getting the deals they want and need. There can be many reasons for that, too many to cover in one short post. However, one key reason is a failed “message-to-market-match.” In other words, what they have been doing is in the same class with trying to sell warm winter coats in July to sunbathers on a hot, sandy beach. Their benefit message is not a good match for what those folks need right now. Touting the benefits of your suntan lotion, salve to sooth sunburn, sunglasses, beach umbrellas, or cool drinks would be different. Reciting the benefits of those products would be a good match for the needs of that target market.

If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing but not getting the results you are supposed to be getting, consider whether you are

  • targeting the folks most likely to want or need what you are offering,
  • highlighting for those folks the how the benefits of your offering will make their life better or solve a problem they already know they have, even if they had not yet thought about it, and
  • asking for the sale.
Skipping any one of the above will torpedo results. I have a friend who says the best leads and best deals come when he finds a house to buy before anyone else knows it is for sale, often including the owner! He is obviously targeting people who need to sell, even if they had not yet figured that out. He is explaining how selling to him right now will solve one or more problems they know they have, even if they had not yet thought about it. And he is obviously asking for the sale.
You can do it, too! Review your training, attend a webinar, subscribe to a guru’s inner circle subscription, hire a coach or mentor, do anything you can do to remind yourself who you need to be targeting and how you can reach them. Then think about what problems they are facing and how you can solve those problems. Finally, when you have established a strong enough relationship with them so you probably know the answer before you ask it, ask for the sale. “Would you sell your house to me if I….”

Best wishes!