Sprint or Marathon?

How do you think of how your work in and on your business or that new initiative you launched…or perhaps your marketing program(s)? Do you view them as a sprint or as a marathon? A sprint is a short-term, all-out effort to reach a specific goal. A marathon is a steady, long-term commitment to reach a bigger or more distant goal. There is a time and a place in business and real estate investing for both approaches.  It is good to know when to apply each.

In a marathon you pace yourself, expending enough effort to keep pressing forward on the pace you need in order to go the distance and meet your goal. Endurance matters. Planning and knowing yourself matter. In  a sprint you go all out with a burst of energy designed to do the same thing: Go the distance, meet your goal before your energy is depleted. Planning and knowing yourself matter…and preparation is extremely important. In both you have a finite amount of energy to expend. The rate at which you expend it is dependent on the distance to be covered.

In business we need to also acknowledge that we have only a finite amount of energy to expend. If you wear yourself out in a perpetual sprint, fatigue will impact your decisions and productivity. You will be forced to maintain that pace to just keep up. Lower productivity and mistakes you will later need to correct will displace what could have been creative time, if you were more rested. Pace yourself in your ongoing activities to run the business, including marketing. Save the sprints for meeting deadlines. However, take your deadlines seriously. Give it “sprint” energy. Marathon pacing to meet deadlines will assure that they slide or are met with less than stellar quality.

So, sprint energy for short-term deadlines and goals, marathon energy for long-term goals. Yet even marathoners know they need recovery time between races. Give yourself appropriate breaks!