Requested Information–Our Solution Offerings

As a “full-service investor” we offer a wide variety of help. I try not to be overbearing about advertising our solutions, but when I get requests, I try to respond. So, here goes. Here are the things I may be able to offer, depending on the actual circumstances:

  • Residential, non-owner-occupant funding to investors
  • Homeowner with negative equity wishing to sell while avoiding the lender hassle associated with a typical short sale…and to clean up their credit report IMMEDIATELY so they can qualify for a new loan on a new home they can actually afford
  • Commercial distressed or value-add funding $1MM and up
  • Debtor-in-possession (DIP) funding for operations during commercial bankruptcy
  • Commercial refinance
  • Rehabbed properties
  • Wholesale properties
  • Purchase of non-performing notes and pools
  • Purchase of REO pools
  • …and much, much more–we almost always have SOME solution for you. ASK!

If you have a need, we may have your solution! Whether you are looking for distressed properties to buy and renovate or looking for renovated properties for cash flow, whether you are a sponsor looking for funding for your commercial value-add project or a sponsor in distress, we understand your challenge and can generally help or refer you to someone whose wheelhouse accommodates what you need.