Real Estate Investing Lab?

Most of us have had a science course of some sort at one time or another. They nearly always include a lab requirement. When we took an English composition course, we had to write. When we took an art course, we needed to do time in the studio. When we participated in athletics, we spent much time in practice.

We all recognize the value of actual experience to really learn anything. We cannot just show up for the game or write a novel if we have not done the drills.

Yet in real estate investing we tend to take a course or read a book or attend a boot camp and expect to go out and win the game. Then we cannot understand why we get run over or left in the dust.

I recommend to all new investors: Work with a mentor or partner with an experienced investor for a few deals until you catch on. You will find that the light bulb will come on multiple times during the experience as you suddenly understand the significance and the subtle nuances of what you learned in the course. Your success will be accelerated. You will not need to reinvent the success wheel by yourself.

If you are currently struggling, hire a mentor! Find a partner! Spend some time in a “real estate investing lab!” It will be one of the best investments in your success you can make at this point.

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Welcome to my blog! My intent is to serve real estate investors and other entrepreneurs. I have been serving corporate America and small businesses for several decades.

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Jerry Straks, consultant, coach, author, speaker, mentor and investor

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am a certified coach, management consultant, speaker, author and real estate investor. I spent 25 years in the high-technology industry (“computer industry”) prior to founding my own coaching and consulting business in 2003. I have worked for companies ranging from Fortune 50 companies to startups and have managed teams ranging from 5 to 250. My experience includes engineering, marketing, corporate strategy, business development, business planning and analysis, marketing and product management, including having P&L accountability. I have seen enough companies of different sizes from enough different angles to have discerned the core success principles that fit any business. I have been applying them for over a decade in helping small entrepreneurial businesses be more sustainably successful. I love coaching and my life mission is to help as many people as possible become all they can be.

 My wife Dorothy and I have been married for over 37 years. We have 3 grown children: a daughter Sarah, a son Mark and a daughter-in-love Becky, and an amazing grandson. We enjoy RVing, hiking, biking and watching old-time movies at the Paramount Theater inOakland. One of my stress relievers and ways to maintain balance in my life is painting watercolors.

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A 400-year-old cabin in the Swiss Alps

I bought my first duplex in 1972, but did not get seriously active until 2009. I am doing investing fulltime and have my real estate license. Real estate investing brings our Freedom Day closer every day. I mentor beginning investors, deliver real estate investment training, and connect investors with funding for their deals (both residential and commercial).