Excuses, excuses, excuses! (Part 3)

Two posts ago we started writing about excuses and their impact on your success. If you have not done the exercises in those posts, please go back and do them before reading further. If you did them and are still reading this one, you actually may be cut out for success and just need a little fine tuning. To get there you have some hard work ahead of you. No, not that kind of hard work. Doing the hard work to be a successful entrepreneur, whether that is as a real estate investor or something else, is a given. The hard work I mean is in disciplining yourself to change from excuses to results.

How old are you? That’s how long you’ve been working on getting good at making excuses. You cannot flip a switch and change all those years’ habits in an instant. It will take hard work to change, but the harder you work at it, the sooner you can put it behind you. Consider getting a coach to speed up the process. Make sure at the very least that you use a proven process for changing old habits and have someone who will hold you accountable. While a good coach will automatically provide those both, you may be able to find another alternative.  We’ll talk some other time about changing habits. Search the web. I’m sure you’ll find lots of suggestions. Take the initiative. Go for the result. Don’t make an excuse about why it is not convenient right now. That’s the old habit. Start practicing the new habit. Prove you have the self-discipline to do it now, no matter what.

If you are STILL reading, congratulate yourself. THERE’S HOPE!! You did not make an excuse about why you did not want to finish reading. You have shown enough commitment to your success that you really ought to go for it! Best wishes! (Now go do the web search!)

Excuses, excuses, excuses! (Part 2)

In the last post we created a list of at least 3 times in the last week when you planned to do something that needed to be done, but when the time came to do it, it was inconvenient to do it at that time. Now, for each one, write down the strategy you used to deal with each conflict. Be very specific. What did you think, decide, adapt, or whatever? Don’t read any further until you’ve finished this step.

Okay. Now look at the list. Do you see any pattern? Did you decide to postpone the task without specifying when? Did you explicitly reschedule it and block out a time for it on your calendar? Did you generically put it off until “tomorrow”?

If you did ANY of the above or anything like any of the above, your success will continue to elude you. Don’t think you get partial credit because you postponed it responsibly, carefully rescheduling it.

Dan Kennedy says, “People good at making excuses are never good at making money. The two skills are mutually exclusive.” If you did anything other than to do the task anyway, no matter what, then you are not sufficiently committed to your success. If YOU aren’t, who is? You need to decide if you prefer the status quo to success or vice versa. Now is a good time to decide. So decide! Now!

If you pick the status quo, quit whining, quit chasing something you’ll never get, and quit yammering about the book, webinar, guru, boot camp, mentor, whatever, that failed to make you as successful as they promised, no matter how much you spent. Admit you are not cut out for this and go find something else to do, preferably where someone else will tell you what to do and demand that you do it or else. That’s where you will fit best.

(More next post….)