About Us

Petra Consulting and Coaching, Inc. is dedicated to helping real estate investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and senior managers create a sustainable, results-oriented culture based on the attitudes, behaviors, and skills of sustainable leadership. Founded by Jerry Straks in 2003, we provide leadership coaching, training and consulting services to organizations that know they need leaders, not just managers, to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world. “You snooze, you lose!” has never been more applicable at the top levels of modern organizations.
John  Kotter, a world-renowned expert on leadership at the Harvard Business School, has said, “Most U.S. corporations today are overmanaged and underled.”  In John Kotter on What Leaders Really Do (Harvard Business Review, 1999), he takes pains to differentiate management and leadership:

Management.  The fundamental purpose of management is to keep the current system functioning.  Management is about coping with complexity.

Leadership.  The fundamental purpose of leadership is to produce useful change, especially non-incremental change.  Leadership is about coping with change.

At Petra Consulting and Coaching, Inc., we help entrepreneurs, companies and executives be more nimble, adapting and transforming themselves as needed, when needed, in the face of today’s rapid pace of change. More importantly, we help them create a sustainable leadership development culture, one that develops and mentors the next generation of leaders with every action and decision. With our help they:

  • Stimulate staff to “see work” and take the initiative to do something about it,
  • Make more and better business-justified decisions,
  • Learn how to manage a “portfolio” of activities that each get an intentional allocation of time and effort (“do the important, not just the urgent”),
  • Apply project portfolio management concepts to optimize time and resource utilization,
  • Reduce the need for massive management training programs for first level management in sales, marketing and engineering,
  • Reduce turnover among high-potential leaders and professionals,
  • Reduce attrition-related costs,
  • Reduce missed sales quotas and missed schedules due to turnover,
  • Improve customer satisfaction,
  • Increase alignment between corporate strategy and day-to-day decisions,
  • Increase productivity,
  • Increase morale and job satisfaction for the best and brightest,
  • Enlarge the pool of leadership succession candidates,
  • Improve their conversion of conflict into competitive value
  • …and much, much more.


  • you or your company needs to find its encore after a significant but aging success,
  • you have a product that has lost its luster in the market,
  • you have a division that seems stuck on a plateau,
  • you never seem to have the time and resources to do everything that needs to be done,
  • you see conflict distractions getting in the way of doing business,
  • your sales person attrition or engineering turnover is wreaking havoc with your bottom line, or
  • you have some strong leaders who could be even stronger with a little coaching,

Petra Consulting and Coaching, Inc. can help.